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The craze for silk in India is unmatchable. The unending love story between Indian women and silk has almost become an identity to whoever who wants to follow the Indian culture. Many people across the world who wants to be dressed up as an Indian, would prefer silk because of its glorious popularity and magnanimous pride among the Indians. Silk […]

Why is Wearing Cotton Dress Important During Summer?

Why is Wearing Cotton Dress Important During Summer? It’s almost summer, so you know what that means…  It’s the time for all of us to wear what’s safe and what will help us to protect ourselves against the burning rays of the sun.   As we know, the summer season here has always been frightening and what dress you are wearing […]

Men’s wear – All you need to know about

There’s a usual speculation that men have not as much varieties of dresses as women have.  As an organization with more than 4 decades of experience in providing Men’s wear in Chennai, we would never accept this as we are well aware of the hundred kinds of dresses men have in stores. May be not as much as women have […]